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How do I download digital products?

Digital products will come to you directly via EMAIL with a download link attached.Unlike your videos and Academy Membership, your digital products will not be in your membership library.

Can I download videos I purchase?

No. All a la carte videos, Masterclasses and membership courses are viewable and accessible during the lifetime of your library.All of the courses, videos, products, and the content are protected by copyright law. Screen recording and sharing is prohibited by law.

What's included in the Creative Academy Membership?

The monthly and annual membership includes one new video release every 30 days. After your membership concludes, you will have 12 multi-video courses total. You will have access to your library from starting date to final date, of a total of 15 months.

How long do I have to watch the Academy membership videos?

From the start day of your membership, through the last, you will have a total of 15 months. In example: Your membership starts on April 1st, your library will remain open for 15 months thereafter. It will close and be unaccessible after 15 months from your start date.

How often do I receive a new course in the Academy Membership?

A new course is added to your library every 30 days. Therefore, if you sign up on the 15th, your next video will be on the 15th of the following month, and so on - until all 12 videos are in your library.

Where do I view my A la carte and/or Masterclasses?

After purchase, you will be redirected to your member library. There you will find all video purchases that you have made. *Note, digital products are located in a different sections - see FAQ'S 

How does the Academy Membership work?

Annual members pay once.Monthly members are required to pay 12 monthly installments. There is no cancellation. This is not a subscription, but a payment plan of 12 monthly increments until completed. 

How quickly do I get access to the Academy membership library?

Access is granted immediately!After you purchase your subscription, you will have access to your Library! Your first course will be available, and an additional course released to yoru library every 30 days until all 12 are released.

Academy Membership Cancellation policy

Being that this is not a subscription, but a membership by installments, there is no cancellation. All members are expected to continue their monthly payment installments until all 12 (for monthly) are complete. If you purchase the annual, it is a one time payment with no recurring installments.Due to the digital nature of our memberships, we do not offer any prorated fees, reimbursements, or returns for any of our products or services.

I have more questions...

If you have further questions, please reach out to our customer service specialists at support@shannonsquirescreativeacademy.com Thank you for considering becoming a member of Shannon Squires Creative Academy. If you are already a part of our creative family, we appreciate the time and consideration you put into joining our community.

Hi, I'm Shannon Squires Toews

I enjoy the quiet wisdom children hold, and how their eyes tell a story. They are so simple, yet so complex.

My goal is to provide you with the tools and instruction you need to create captivating fine art portraits. I’ll teach you my award-winning techniques, which I used to win the Professional Photographers of America Grand Imaging Award (GIA) twice in the “Children Portrait” category, and the overall GIA winner (from over 5,000 entries) in 2021. Teaching is my passion, and I've been sharing my techniques all over the United States and abroad for the past few years.

As a full-time photographer since 2010, I’ve earned the Certified Professional Photographer, the Master Photographer, Master Artist, and Photographic Craftsman degrees all through Professional Photographers of America.

Like many of you, I’m more than a photographer. I’m a mom of three beautiful children, and a wife to a wonderful husband who encourages me to continue to become more than I already am. I can relate to what parents go through, and hopefully, the tools and lessons I share through my Creative Academy will help achieve your own photographic and artistic goals.

You are appreciated, and I thank you for being here. Now, let’s get started on creating some amazing fine art children portraits!

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