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Burnt Orange - Editing Tutorial


Just in time for fall portrait season!

If you love fall portraits this course will help boost your own autumn editing skills and inspire you to dabble in a few different tools and features!

Watch this multi-video composite tutorial over and over again for the LIFETIME of my shop! Simply login into your Creative Academy library and find this course INSTANTLY available after purchase! 

What you'll get:

  • A fully immersive 1 hour video tutorial... 

  • PLUS an additional BONUS video for amplifying those fall colors.

  • You will be able to view this video over and over again, for the lifetime of the shop! 

In these warm and delightful editing videos, we will go over and learn all the pieces of creating a stunning outdoor portrait. 

We will go over: 

  •  Selecting wardrobe to compliment your outdoor setting.

    •  Purposeful and complimentary placement of subject, in alignment to natural elements.

    •  Using the spot healing and cloning tools to clean up branches and other distractions.

    •  Perfecting wardrobe lines with the liquify tool and give added volume to hair.

    •  Quick select tool to adjust lighting on subjects face, as if an off camera flash was used.

    •  Creating an orb of light to add in a sunny burst.

    •  Understanding facial contours and adding structure to the subjects face.

    •  Using the history brush tool for enhancing highlights and shadows in a dodge and burn style.

    •  Blurring (with field blur) the background in post process, to add in an extra creamy and dramatic look.

    •  Adding in a floral burst (from Jessica Drossin) to the foreground to help tie the image together.

    •  Digital painting for a final and stunning effect!

    I think you are going to love this, and can't wait to see the inspiration it gives to your own edits.


How do I access this? You will have INSTANT access after purchase. Simply login to your library here, and have immediate viewing capabilities!

Can I download? No downloads are available, however you will have 24/7 365 access to this video in your Creative Academy Library, for the life of this website/shop. 

Returns? All sales are final due to the nature of the product - NO refunds or exchanges.

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