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Seasons of Change - Editing Tutorial


Seasons of Change - Editing Tutorial

Seasons of Change Fine Art Editing

Watch this multi-video composite tutorial over and over again for the LIFETIME of my shop! Simply login into your Creative Academy library and find this course INSTANTLY available after purchase! 

What you'll get:

  • A fully immersive multi-video tutorial course

  • You will be able to view this video over and over again, for the lifetime of the shop! 

Welcome to ‘Seasons of Change'!

Welcome to my course, 'Season of Change'. As we work through this two part course, we will step by step complete a series of changes to our original image. From color swapping, to back drop replacement, correcting an underexposed shot, and more! 

This course will really help you learn the tools within Photoshop, versus simply memorizing the steps I use to process images. 

Learning things such as: 

  • Removing distractions on wardrobe without distorting the body

  • Shaping hair to 'fluff' and round out

  • Using liquify to "balloon" flowers to a larger size

  • Changing the tonality of the image

  • Dodging highlights and burning shadows to amplify existing light

  • Seamlessly changing her dress color, without distorting any other colors & tones

  • Background replacement and color changes, using my 'Whimsical Hand Painted Digital Backdrops' collection

  • Easy skin smoothing using my frequency separation technique

  • Adjusting and correcting color casts on skin tones


How do I access this? You will have INSTANT access after purchase. Simply login to your library here, and have immediate viewing capabilities!

Can I download? No downloads are available, however you will have 24/7 365 access to this video in your Creative Academy Library, for the life of this website/shop. 

Returns? All sales are final due to the nature of the product - NO refunds or exchanges.

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