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Library Day - Editing Tutorial


Library Day - Editing Tutorial

Welcome to 'Library Day'!

This course, which includes 4 videos, will walk you through my full imaginary process in creating a multi-faceted composite piece. From placing a subject into a digital background, adding in a whimsical lion, the books and even her shoes! There is a lot of work put into this image, and I cannot wait to share it with you! 

Watch this multi-video composite tutorial over and over again for the LIFETIME of my shop! Simply login into your Creative Academy library and find this course INSTANTLY available after purchase! 

Through out this multi video course, we will learn: 

  • Creating an entire background from scratch

  • Manipulating multiple images into one final 'subject'

  • Carefully color changing her outfit colors, adding in shoes and more

  • Cutting and masking our studio shot subject, so she fits effortlessly into our background

  • Working with lion overlays to create our own perfect animal

  • Adding in multiple pieces to the background, such as: 

    • curtains blowing

    • flowers

    • reflections

    • light

    • blowing paper

    • more!


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How do I access this? You will have INSTANT access after purchase. Simply login to your library here, and have immediate viewing capabilities!

Can I download? No downloads are available, however you will have 24/7 365 access to this video in your Creative Academy Library, for the life of this website/shop. 

Returns? All sales are final due to the nature of the product - NO refunds or exchanges.

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