A Tradition of Beauty - 50% off!

All the tools you need to learn the steps

behind this GIA award winning masterpiece!

A Tradition of Beauty

All the tools you need to learn the steps behind in this GIA award winning masterpiece!

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Shooting & Posing Techniques

  • Manipulating multiple lights in a studio setting

  • Posing and styling with models

  • Shooting proper angles and technique

  • Bending and shaping light both on the model and backdrop

  • Get a behind the scenes at Shannon's studio and full set up

Editing for Fine Art

  • Getting flawless skin without losing texture or natural glow

  • Techniques for highlights, shadows

  • Blending multiple images

  • Background swapping with digital drops

  • Color balancing, toning and all over vibrance

  • Sharp and crisp, yet smooth and textured clothing and wardrobe,

  • so much more


Learn how to create award winning gorgeous fine art.

In "A Tradition of Beauty", Shannon shares with you ALL of her lighting, shooting, posing and post processing secrets behind this GIA award winning image.

Included In Your Masterclass.

Fully Immersive, Multi-Video, Online Workshops for the Creative Photographer.

Behind the Scenes

Watch Shannon work in front and behind the camera, with her subjects.

Learn how she shoots, where she positions herself, and works subjects.

Wardrobe & Posing

Learn how Shannon uses wardrobe to tell story, and why she selects specific pieces of clothing for her subjects.

Understand the importance of posing, angles, and body language for portrait photography.

Studio Lighting

Get a first hand and up front look at Shannons in studio lighting.

Shannon explains exactly why she chooses specific lighting, patterns, and positions her gear, to achieve her exquisite, and natural looking, studio lighting.

Creative Editing

Shannon will go through each and every step in her portraits editing process, using tools and steps that have helped her achieve her award-winning look.

She slowly, and thoughtfully, explains how and why every edit is made.

Digital Painting

Truly stand out of the crowd and away from your competition by learning the art of digital painting!

Create your own award winning masterpieces with the unique touch of this creative process.


Award-Winning Fine Art

This portrait competed on a global level as part of Team USA against 35 other countries with some of the world's most well-known and sought-after photographers ...

and WON first place!

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PLUS, Digital Portrait Painting!!!

  • Portrait Painting

  • Smoothing and painting hair, even the tiniest strands

  • Painting texture to wardrobe, and even the finest feathers and smallest details

  • Creating an edit that has an old world 'oil painted' aesthetic

  • Understanding a variety of 'digital art' brushes and how to use them for each technique and stroke

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