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In the Creative Academy, you’ll master
post-processing skills such as:

  • How to attain gorgeously soft, glowing skin

  • The tools & secrets behind creating imaginative, flawless composites

  • How to achieve perfectly classic fine art portraits

  • Techniques to achieving exquisite colors, textures, & tones

  • Mastering Photoshop & ACR tools & applications

  • How to digitally paint with customized brushes

  • Perfect cuts and blending for layering composites

  • And so much more!

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The Gold Overlay Collection is Only Included with the 12 Month Payment Option. It is Not Granted with the Single Payment Option.

Membership Course Details

Click arrows below to open for a sneak peek at each multi-video course's details included the Creative Academy Membership!


Bring your imagination to life.Learn how to prepare a studio image for compositing, build your story with overlays, manipulate light to create a 3D backdrop from a flat background, make your own unique barcode, and digitally painting animal hair!


FAQ image


Enhance warm, outdoor tones and create beautiful glowing skin.Learn how to properly align subjects with a natural scene, apply flawless skin techniques, blur backgrounds, and use floral overlays to finish the image.

FAQ image


Making magic has never been more inspiring! This course takes you deep into composite workflow. Learn how to create a warm jack-o-lantern glow, apply slime overlays and layer them with other overlays, and composite your very own 'monster' who might wear shoes!

FAQ image


Complimenting natural beauty with textures and shading.Learn how to achieve stunning smooth and supple skin, change the color of the subjects wardrobe, adjust color casting on skin, combine Shannon’s favorite dodge and burn techniques, and how to finish an image with fine art digital painting!

FAQ image


Create an image that tells a story and looks like an old-world masterpiece.Learn how to clean up an image, smooth both human and animal hair through digital painting, achieve perfectly toned skin, and create a unique vignette using painting techniques! PLUS, this course includes a FREE full-size, high-resolution, Hand Painted Digital Backdrop for you to use in your own work.

FAQ image


Tell a truly imaginative story by compositing multiple objects.Learn how to properly shadow and ground subjects, build a one-of-a-kind digital scene with multiple layers of objects, manipulate overlays, resize objects without losing detail, and digitally paint the finest of human and animal hairs.

FAQ image


Create a stunning oil painted look!Learn how to create gorgeous dewy skin tones while keeping the skin texture, complimented by beautiful colors and shading. Place multiple halo overlays on the image and digitally paint fine details to make any image look like an oil painting. PLUS, this course includes a FREE fully-sized, high-resolution, Halo Overlay to create your own celestial images.

FAQ image


Achieve perfectly peachy skin techniques! Learn how to use Shannon’s workflows for clean and flawless skin that will keep its natural texture, remove small imperfections, change color tones, and apply stunningly gorgeous catchlights.

FAQ image


Enjoy this whimsical course that creates a fanciful underwater scene with a studio-shot image. Learn how to use the liquify tool on subjects, add multiple animal overlays and bubbles, warp objects to reshape them, and paint tiny details such as fish scales!

FAQ image


Tackle pesky greens and understand how to compliment your subjects skin tone while maintaining natural background tones. Learn how to combine flawless skin with gorgeous shades of green, blur the background to bring full attention to your subject, and place a unique floral foreground overlay to tie everything together. PLUS, this course includes a FREE fully-sized, high-resolution, Light Ray overlay!

FAQ image


Composite an imaginative beach scene from a studio image. Learn how to work the finest details, blend multiple objects into the sand with proper shading and highlighting, and size, shade and blend each overlay. Includes a complimentary hand-crafted sunset.

FAQ image


A must-have course for all artists who want to learn all of the ins and outs of creating a composite image.Learn how to cohesively blend multiple subjects together with proper shading and shadowing, produce frosty cool tones while maintaining gorgeous skin. Build a snowman from scratch, piece by piece, and finish with multiple layers of digital painting!PLUS, this course includes a FREE fully-sized, high-resolution, Buildable Snowman body to create your own winter wonderland.

FAQ image

BONUS VIDEO! All About Cutting

BONUS VIDEO! Included in your membership is the “All About Cutting" tutorial. This video will guide you through multiple steps and techniques to achieve a perfect composite cut - even down to tiny flyaway hairs.

FAQ image

- What Our Growing Community Has To Say -

"The Zebra video is so amazing! The things you showed on proper Perspective of the elements is a game changer. I am so going to watch it again till everything sinks in. Bravo!!"


Kevin J.

"I have learned so much while watching several of her portrait and composite processing videos over this past year. I particularly enjoy her unscripted style of instruction, as she takes the viewer through her process and explains the “why” behind her techniques, rather than just stepping through them. Watching and listening to the thought process makes the tutorials feel genuine and provides a very enjoyable learning experience."


Michael R.

"I love it. I truly feel like I have learned a lot. Although I’ve been doing composites for some time, I feel like you approach it more like an artist than simply a photographer doing composites ...which made things click..."


Michelle B.

Shannons professional career achievements include Master Photographer, Master Artist, and Craftsman degrees, and Certified Professional Photographer designation from Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Overall PPA Grand Imaging Award winner 2020 (#1 from over 5,000 entries), and 2022 and 2023 World Cup Competitor.

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